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Welcome to Frau Müller restaurant of German cuisine!

"Frau Müller" is a restaurant of classic German cuisine placed in Rostov-on-Don city. The menu includes the most popular dishes originated from different regions of Germany. For our guests we are delighted to offer nicely and stylishly decorated rooms, excellent food, attentive, friendly and easy-going personnel.

Enjoy the Nuremberg sausages, Bavarian potato salad, stewed cabbage, a real Viennese schnitzel, soup with the smokes and many other dishes. The bar card contains 15 varieties of German beer. This drink goes well with nourishing German cuisine complementing and noting the of dishes'tastes.

Fine deliciousness from the dishes of European, Russian and traditional Don cuisine, compared with good service and exquisite European and Russian wine – to feel good, spending time with family and friends.

Allow yourself to celebrate your event in a good restaurant in Rostov!

"Frau Muller" is a popular place for holidays. We offer our guests the dining rooms, for 30 to 100 people. You can also stay in an open summer terrace with a beautiful view onto the Don river. Our guests welcomed to luxurious furnishings and by a special menu. If you want to surprise your guests with something special, all the wishes for the menu can be discussed with the Chef Cook.

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Leisure at the restaurant

"Frau Muller" is not just a restaurant where you may have a tasty lunch or dinner, you may also come here for romantic meetings, conduct business negotiations. That is a great place to have a party with beer or a festive family dinner. Guests can relax in the common room or choose separate rooms. There are live music, popular performances, dancing are held on the second floor on weekends at our restaurant. A guest card always given to regular customers, so you may get pleasant discounts.


At "Frau Müller" restaurant special attention is paid to ceremonial events, corporate banquets, family celebrations, weddings and birthdays.


We are placed at a good location in the city center, so the ideal choice is Frau Müller on the shore. You can enjoy a beautiful view onto the Don river right through the window.


Here you can always enjoy the atmosphere of a true German feast. Our chefsare ready to delight you with delicious and hearty dishes of Austrian-German cuisine!